Become a reseller of BestIPTVLight

Service prices for resellers

  • 1 month account – 0.1 Credits
  • 3 months account – 0.25 Credits
  • 6 months account – 0.5 Credits
  • 12 months account – 1 Credits


Each seller can sell more than 5,000 credit a month, will receive 300 to 500 credits as prize.

BestIPTVLight Reseller Page

How does it work?

At first you should get a panel from Bestiptvlight to manage your credit and user accounts.

  • Then you should buy Credit from Bestiptvlight as following plans.
  • After you received an order from your customer you should refer to this panel and active account for your customer as he/she wish.
  • For example: you have 200 credit in your account and you have sold a 1 month IPTV account for 9 €.
  • You generate a 1 month account in your panel and 0.1 credit will be deduct and remaining credit is 199.9 in your panel.

Reseller Plans

Starter Plan

First Reseller Plan


  • 10 Credit inventory
  • Select categories (M3U & MAG & Enigma Support)
  • Support 1 Month & 3 Months & 6 Months & 12 months user accounts
  • Generating multiroom accounts
  • Modify or edit created lines
  • Generate 50 one day Test accounts daily for your customers
  • Sub-Reseller Support
  • IPTV Server maintenance by BestIPTVLight team
  • Create and config Brand and DNS

More Credits for Resellers

Here is more credit plans. If you already are a Reseller of Bestiptvlight, just mention in checkout page so we will add credits to your existing panel.